About Me

Doris Mitchell-Trice has been a CEO/Realtor/Managing Broker for 2 companies in ACTIVE in 2 states:

DMW REALTY  (San Francisco, CA), Managing Broker since 1995 to present (CA # 01032195_

Flat Rate Realty Phoenix (West Valley Phoenix), Managing Broker since 2012 to present (AZ # SE655620000)

Experience working with Sellers and buyers with their real estate needs for over 25+ years.

We serve our community and give back where the needs are needed.  We serve our Military Families with relocation, selling and buying.

FOR SELLER(s) We honor your business, we help with planning, getting your property ready to market.  We are experienced

Staging Professional, and we offer this service for FREE upon listing your property.

FOR BUYER(S) - WE are a discount brokerage firm and offer rebate at closing, plus MORE.