We offer Sellers 1.5%+ discount fees and FREE professional Staging upon selling your home with us. We will provide marketing tools and assist with evaluation of other properties that are available and sold. We are here to serve you.Buyer Rebate Progams

Make some cash back from our Buyer Program, only available to Flat Rate Realty clients!!

We REBATE UP TO 50% of our Real Estate Commission to our Buyers*

Buy a home with us and receive a cash rebate of up to 50% of our commission.  Home sellers normally offer a buyer’s agent commission of 2.5% – 3.0% of the purchase price. Your rebate will be 1.5% of the purchase price*

  •     Credit on your closing statement — this is the easiest way. Our rebate will be itemized on your HUD1 closing statement as a credit, requiring you to bring in less cash to close escrow.
  •     Check after the close of escrow — some clients prefer to receive their rebate outside of escrow.

Is a California real estate commission rebate taxable? NO, real estate commission rebates are not considered taxable by the IRS. A rebate will reduce the cost basis of your home (the price you paid).  For example:  If you purchase a $1,200,000 home and we  rebate you $18,000 your cost basis on your home would be $1,182,000. When you sell your home any profit would be based on that purchase price. We do not report a commission rebate to the IRS.

Is a commission rebate legal? 100% YES, The United States Department of Justice has a webpage entitled “Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive“.  Ten states have enacted laws that forbid brokers from offering refunds, thankfully, California allows Us to share our commission with you. (*50% rebate on resale home purchases  – subject to a minimum commission of 1.5% to us) Selling your home?  Save BIG with us…