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Make some cash back from our Buyer Program, only available to Flat Rate Realty clients!!

We REBATE UP TO 50% of our Real Estate Commission to our Buyers*

Buy a home with us and receive a cash rebate of up to 50% of our commission.  Home sellers normally offer a buyer’s agent commission of 2.5% – 3.0% of the purchase price. Your rebate will be 1.5% of the purchase price*

  •     Credit on your closing statement — this is the easiest way. Our rebate will be itemized on your HUD1 closing statement as a credit, requiring you to bring in less cash to close escrow.
  •     Check after the close of escrow — some clients prefer to receive their rebate outside of escrow.

Is a California real estate commission rebate taxable? NO, real estate commission rebates are not considered taxable by the IRS. A rebate will reduce the cost basis of your home (the price you paid).  For example:  If you purchase a $1,200,000 home and we  rebate you $18,000 your cost basis on your home would be $1,182,000. When you sell your home any profit would be based on that purchase price. We do not report a commission rebate to the IRS.

Is a commission rebate legal? 100% YES, The United States Department of Justice has a webpage entitled “Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive“.  Ten states have enacted laws that forbid brokers from offering refunds, thankfully, California allows Us to share our commission with you. (*50% rebate on resale home purchases  – subject to a minimum commission of 1.5% to us) Selling your home?  Save BIG with us…